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OTA Tax Pros is uniquely positioned to use our extensive experience to meet the needs of Traders, Investors, Small Business Owners and Individuals alike.

OTA Tax Pros will help create your tax strategy in order to minimize tax exposure and increase cash flow. We provide a wide array of services, including filling tax returns for Individuals, Partnerships, LLCs, S-Corporations, and C-Corporations. We also offer consultations, entity formation, Self Directed Retirement plans and customized bookkeeping platforms.

OTA Tax Pros Staff


Michael Atias, Director of Tax Services, EA

Michael Atias

As the Director of Tax Services at OTA Tax Pros, Michael Atias brings over 14 years of experience in filing tax returns for Corporations, LLC’s, partnerships and individuals specializing in “trader in securities status” and tax trading rules. Michael is also enrolled to practice before the IRS (Enrolled Agent) and has considerable experience representing clients in the audits and appeals process. Michael joined Online Trading Academy in 2011, and has been helping students to develop and apply tax strategies that can save them thousands of dollars annually.

Clarence Churn, Tax Accountant

Clarence Churn

Clarence has been a tax accountant for the past 7 years. He has been preparing income taxes since 1984, which he began doing while serving in the Marine Corps. He graduated from California State University, Long Beach, in 2004 with a B.S. in Business Administration. Clarence was employed with a local CPA firm for over 6 years before coming to OTA Tax Pros. Having run his own tax and accounting company in Orange County, he brings a wealth of professionalism and knowledge to the team.

May Tran, Tax Accountant

May Go-Tran

May has been a tax accountant for over 10 years. She is experienced in Individual, Business, and Estate & Trust returns. She has been an Enrolled Agent since 2008 and has been representing clients before the IRS and State tax agencies. She worked at H&R Block as a Master Tax Advisor. She has a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting and has more than 20 years of experience in general accounting and financial management. She earned her certified public accountant credentials in the Philippines. She enjoys practicing Archery with her husband.

Gaia Pagi, Operations Manager

Gaia Pagi

Gaia Pagi is the Operations Manager for OTA Tax Pros. Gaia joined the team in January 2014. Graduating from Haifa University, she received degrees in English Linguistics and East Asia Studies. She has a background in Political Science, National Security and Translation. During her time off, she enjoys running, swimming, and cycling.

Gene Longobardi, Chief Operating Officer (Online Trading Academy)

Gene Longobardi

Mr. Longobardi has been with Online Trading Academy since 2004. He is responsible for all franchise development and support as well as worldwide center operations. Mr. Longobardi received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from San Diego State University in 1979, and a CPA certificate in 1982, which he has since allowed to expire. He currently lives in Tustin, California with his wife of over 35 years. Note: OTA Tax Pros is an affiliate of OTA Franchise Corporation dba Online Trading Academy.

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