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Whether you’re financing your first rental or your twenty-first, we’re here to help. The decisions people make are only as good the information used to make those decisions. Pilots use numerous tools to assess risk, stay on course, and save time. A one degree mistake can lead to being hundreds of miles off course on a cross country flight.

At OTA Tax Pros, we listen to your goals and give you the tax strategy information needed to help you make the best decisions and keep your financial journey on track. We’ll help you create a tax plan to maximize your savings and minimize risk to provide bigger returns today and long term wealth for tomorrow.

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Whether you’re an active property flipper or building your rental portfolio, we have solutions to save you taxes and reduce risk.

The decision to form a LLC or just get a DBA can have tremendous consequences. Fair housing claims, accident-prone tenants, bank foreclosures are unexpected risks that haunt the exposed investor. The right entity can protect your wallet and provide peace of mind.


Many investors start out using their personal CPA to prepare taxes for their real estate activities. Some find out years later that their longstanding CPA overlooked tax benefits costing them thousands.

Not all tax preparers are tax strategizers.

Every accountant knows about depreciation, utilities, travel, management fees, advertising, repairs, mortgage interest, and property taxes. But what about cost segregation, sec. 179, the disability access credit, 1031 exchanges, lease options, CAM, energy credits, rehab credits, and seller financing?

The biggest opportunities for savings are often the first and last year a property is held. We’ll help you start off right with the end in mind and a plan in hand.


Real estate investing can be part of a viable retirement plan.

For many real estate investors, real estate is their retirement. But leveraging the power of tax advantaged retirement plans is not.

We have a technique to combine your real estate game plan with a tax saving strategy designed to quickly accumulate long term wealth and take advantage of IRS-approved retirement plans. Whether that means a self-directed IRA to shelter and protect rental properties or a Solo 401(k) plan to help finance your next flip, OTA Tax Pros has the expertise to guide and get you there.

Many investors are unaware that there are options to rollover existing IRAs and 401K plans into a self-directed retirement plan which gives them checkbook control and the flexibility to invest in or finance tangible real estate.




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