Small Business Owners

Many business owners are not aware of the variety of tax strategies available to them and as a result are paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes. While all would agree that choosing the right employees is essential to creating a successful business, fewer are clear that choosing the right professionals is just as important. You need a great attorney, an estate planner, a marketing specialist, and to tie it all together you need a great tax professional.

OTA Tax Pros can help small business owners build their wealth faster. With our proven and tested strategies you could generate more available cash for your business and your family.

Small Business Owner


We can assist small business owners in forming the correct business entity for their goals.

One of the most important decisions a business owner needs to make is what entity should they establish? LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship. It can be confusing and overwhelming. Here at OTA Tax Pros we do a thorough job of analyzing your personal tax situation to assist you to determine which entity is best suited for you.

We conduct an in-depth interview to help you consider your personal factors like your marital status, the industry you are in, the state you live in, the exit strategy you have for your business and input from your other professional advisors.

All entity formations come standard with our 12 month advisory package. You will have us as your tax coach for a full year!


Tax preparation does not start in tax season. It's actually a year-round process. We can guide you on what information you need to record, what tax elections to make, when to deduct expenses and when to amortize them.

To grow your business it helps to know how to apply the tax strategies available to you, such as accelerated depreciation, hiring family members, deferring income, choosing the right accounting method and much more.

OTA Tax Pros specializes in assisting small business owners whether you are an experienced business person, an attorney, a doctor, a realtor, an insurance agent or if you are forming a start-up company.

We specialize in providing a customized tax plan suited just for you. We could save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes which you could use to build your business faster.


Many business owners invest their profits back in their business and forget to create retirement plans. They think that when they retire they will sell their business and use the proceeds as their retirement plan.

In an unchanging world this approach may be valid. New technology and market conditions can change everything. Think Blockbuster Video, TWA Airlines and WorldCom, to name a few business that vanished in a hurry.

For business owners there are tax effective options to save as you go. We can help you consider which of these, such as IRA, SEP-IRA, Roth IRA, Simple IRA, 401K plans, or defined benefit plans, may be suited to your business and your personal needs. These are important decisions that will affect the rest of your life. OTA Tax Pros can guide you in the right direction so you may be able to build your wealth and protect your retirement funds.


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